Coordinator: Sarah Patterson 979-209-2412

Counselor: Justin Estes

Language Arts

IB English 3&4 HL – Lisa Prejean

PreIB English 2 – Abby Scoresby

PreIB English 1 – Cynthia Dominguez

Language Acquisition

IB Chinese: HL, SL and ab initio – Jing Jin

IB Spanish: HL, SL, and ab initio– Joy Lopez

IB French: HL, SL, and ab initio– Tara Bailey

Experimental Sciences

IB Physics SL/HL– Tori Bailey

IB Chemistry SL/HL– Matthew Russell

IB Biology SL/HL– Celine Mejia

IB Computer Science SL/HL Leonard Cohn

Individuals & Societies (Social Studies)

IB History HL– Tim Bailey

IB Economics SL/HL– John Anderson

IB US History– Kristen Runyen


IB Math SL – Matthew Rice

PreIB Algebra II – Nathan Rollins

Fine Arts

IB Film SL/HL– Cynthia Castillo & Charles Foster

IB Theatre SL/HL– Braedon Lawless

IB Music SL/HL– Michael Patterson

IB Visual Arts SL/HL– Cynthia Castillo

IB Core Components

Theory of Knowledge– Rebecca Dominy

CAS and the Extended Essay are addressed through an Independent Study class taught by Mrs. Dominy and Mrs. Prejean